Fire Doors

Our internal wooden fire doors and frames are made to order. Every door we provide is supplied complete with a certificate and relevant markings to verify the door's fire integrity.

Our fire doors and fire rated door frames are available with 30 minute (FD30) and 60 minute (FD60) fire ratings and we offer a wide range of styles, finishes, glazing options, fire door furniture and fire door seals.

You can also have a fire door made to your measures and design. 

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Fire Doors

A fire door is a vital safety device engineered to save lives and property. The correct specification, supply, fitting and maintenance are critical and the responsibility of each and every person in the process. It’s only when a fire breaks out that the consequences of poorly manufactured or fitted fire doors are known.

What is a Fire Door

A door must have fire test evidence to prove that it is a fire door. This evidence is usually in the form of a certificate of performance. A fire door must be tested by an independent test organisation in accordance to British or European Standards. Installed and maintained correctly, it WILL perform in the event of a fire.

The best way to prove to your customer that you have supplied a fire door is by a current fire certificate, proving that testing is relevant to the supplied product and has been done by an independent accredited third party.


What do Fire Doors Actually do

Fire doors act as a barrier to a fire, cutting off and protecting parts of a building.

• Reducing the damage caused by fire and smoke
• Protecting route of evacuation
• Providing the emergency services with a protected route to access the building
• Protecting users of a building

who may have difficulty evacuating quickly Fire doors are a vital part of the building fabric, dividing the building into individual fire compartments, constructed and lined with suitable fire resisting materials to reduce the spread of fire.

What makes a fire door work?

In the event of a fire the following elements are CRITICAL to making sure a fire door performs in a fire.

  • Signage*

  • Other ironmongery*

  • Fire door glazing*

  • Frame / wall sealing

  • Threshold seals*

  • Air transfer grille (ATG)*

  • (*if required)

  • Door leaf

  • Frame / lining

  • Intumescent seals

  • Smoke seals*

  • Latch or lock

  • Hinges

  • Door closer*

Fire door rating

Fire door rating = How long the door wil be able to resist fire.

Tested to BS 476-22 or EN 1634-1.

UK ratings are given below, with the length of time that the fire door will resist fire.

Number of minutesthat the door can resist fire

British Standard:Minimum fireresistance(integrity) rating

EuropeanStandard: Minimumfire resistance(integrity) rating



30 Minutes



60 Minutes



90 Minutes



120 Minutes

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