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Lantern Fire Prevention offer a comprehensive range of fire stopping services to ensure building compartments, walls, floors, service risers and roof voids retain their fire protection. By sealing the penetrations through walls, roofs, floors, service risers and voids, we can ensure that our client’s buildings retain their fire resistance

We work in partnership with our clients, architects, main contractors and building inspectors to ensure that we offer the most cost effective, fully designed, engineered and appropriate fire stopping solutions for each project

All of our products are tested in accordance with BS476 parts 4, 20 and 22 and/or EN 1366-3. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure usage matches testing – from straight forward to more complex penetrations

We offer a comprehensive range of intumescent or fire rated passive fire stopping products for use in walls,floors, ceilings, doors, ducts and other fire rated compartmentation structures for fire, air permeability, water permeability, acoustic isolation and structural movement.

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Door Protection, Finger Protection, Safety Products, Fire Stop Products, Lighting Protection, Sealants, Fire Proof and Anti-Graffiti Paints, Draught Proofing, Acoustic Seals and Disabled Access.

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