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The Importance of Fire Doors

All buildings, both residential and commercial, must contain certain doors that are installed to protect their occupants and visitors from the risk of a fire outbreak. The main reason for a fire door is to help save lives and further damage to the property. It is essential that these doors are constructed to a certain standard, so they perform by slowing the progress of any fire outbreak within the building to the specified time limit (at a minimum).

The most common fire door installed is an FD30 that provides fire protection for a minimum of 30 minutes, with commercial buildings more commonly have a FD60 (60 Minute door) installed.

Here are some key facts about fire doors:

Where fire doors are required

Stating the obvious, it is advisable to fit a fire door anywhere where there is a risk of a fire outbreak. Some areas carry a higher fire risk than others, kitchen areas, rooms that contain any electrical equipment or cupboards containing highly flammable materials for example. Doors allowing access to these rooms should be fire rated.

There are legal requirements for all buildings, including domestic properties, and these regulations stipulate that any two-storey building that has a door leading into it from an integral garage, then it must be a fire door.

Likewise, any new-build or renovation property with three or more storeys (including loft conversions), must have at least FD30 fire doors leading to and from every habitable room off the stairwell.

For added safety, it is advisable to fit doors that provide greater protection, FD60 doors, provide additional safety and greater time for building egress in the event of a fire outbreak.

Fire door construction

Different standard fire doors provide different levels of protection.

FD30 fire doors must be a minimum of 44 mm thick as opposed to a standard, non-fire door of 35/40 mm. The FD60 doors are constructed as a minimum of 54mm thick.

Fire doors have a solid core construction made from different materials such as flaxboard, particleboard and solid timber and their assembly can vary greatly. Many will have timber framing around the chosen core with a veneer finish, whilst others may be composed of a 5 to 20mm lipping around the core with a veneer on top.

The actual construction materials could differ providing the desired and required fire protection rating is achieved.

How fire doors work

The door itself must be fitted with suitable intumescent strips, these strips play a vital role in providing the fire safety and achieving the legal fire door rating. These intumescent strips expand when subjected to heat, sealing any gap between the fire door edge and frame. The seals can be fitted within the door frame itself or grooved into the door edge. The materials used for the door frame must comply with the required standards, together with the ironmongery, which will have their own individual integrity test evidence.


All fire doors must be able to provide test evidence for proof of performance for the ratings they proclaim and display. They must be tested by an approved third-party body to either BS 476 Part 22 or to the European equivalent (BS EN1634-1) to resist fire for a minimum period of thirty minutes.

Lantern Fire Prevention

As an approved BM Trada Q-Mark Accredited company we are committed to ensuring your business satisfies its compliance obligations.

Ensuring that your property remains fully compliant is not only a legal requirement, but also provides peace of mind that you are keeping yourself and your residents safe.

We understand that putting your building compliance and safety needs in someone else’s hands can be a difficult decision, therefore identifying the right company is critical to getting everything to the correct standard. We want to make that decision easier for you.

We are fully Q Mark accredited, supplying a comprehensive range of survey, installation and compliance services to the public and private sector across the country.

With a clear communication style, our highly experienced team have the tools to deliver each task safely, on time and to budget. Providing bespoke solutions for our clients, Lantern Fire Prevention ensures your buildings are compliant not only now, but maintained for the future.

From planning to post-installation, Lantern Fire Prevention provides a one-stop solution including, but not limited to Fire Doors, Fire Door Maintenance and Passive Fire Protection, fulfilling your requirements and surpassing your expectations.

If you would like further information on our company please click here, or please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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